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1.     Associated Press

Interview with F. Nick D'Alessio of the Associated Press (Chicago) on Friday, January 14, 1992, for AP wire release on Sunday, April 12, 1992. D'Alessio's article was published in the following papers [that I know about]:

(1)   "Chicago Bible scholar sees Jesus as social revolutionary and healer," Casper Star-Tribune, Casper, WY, Monday, April 13, 1992.

(2)   "Scholar's book depicts Jesus as revolutionary." Rocky Mountain News, Denver, CO, Monday, April 13, 1992.

(3)   "Scholar sees Jesus as social revolutionary," Times-News, Burlington, NC, Saturday, April 18, 1992.

(4)   "Scholar Sees Jesus as a Social Revolutionary," Los Angeles Times, Saturday, April 18, 1992.

(5)   "Book takes a scholarly look at Jesus," The Sunday News & Record, Greensboro, NC, (Easter) Sunday, April 19, 1992.

(6)   "DePaul professor sees Jesus as social revolutionary, healer," Advocate Messenger, Danville, KY, Friday, May 8, 1992

(7)   "Scholar sees Jesus as a revolutionary," The Oakland Press, Pontiac, MI, Friday, May 15, 1992.

(8)   "Scholar calls Jesus 'illiterate revolutionary.'" Dayton Daily News, OH, Saturday, June 27, 1992.


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