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1.     The New York Times

Peter Steinfels, "Peering Past Doctrine to Glimpse Jesus of History," The New York Times, Monday, December 23, 1991, started on the front page, A1, and was concluded on page A10. Steinfels' article was republished through the New York Times News Service in the following papers [that I know about]:

(1) "Historians follow their facts, not star, to birth, life of Jesus." The Maui News, Maui, HI, December 23, 1991, pages A1 (front page) & A4.

(2) "Life of Jesus re-examined," South Bend Tribune, South Bend, IN, December 23, 1991.

(3) "An elusive Jesus is sought by researchers: Two new books examine him through the lens of historical inquiry," The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN, December 24, 1991.

(4) "Historical Jesus Ever Elusive," The International Herald Tribune, December 24-25, pages 1 (the front page) and 4.

(5) "Getting to know Jesus, the historical figure: To many biblical scholars, his life still remains a mystery," The Daily News and Record, Greensboro, NC, December 25, 1991.

(6) "Jesus' life remains an enigma," Times Union, Albany, NY, [date not known].

(7) "Who Was Jesus?: Man & Myth." St. Petersburg Times, St. Petersburg, FL, January 4, 1992.

(8) "Christianity: 'Historical Jesus remains issue," The Vindicator, Youngstown, OH, Saturday, April 18, 1992.

(9) "New Books underscore conflicting views of Christian, historical Jesus," Woodland Hills Daily News (Antelope Valley edition), Los Angeles, CA, Saturday, April 18, 1992.

2.     The Toronto Star

Michael Steinhauser, "What was Jesus Really Like? A controversial new book portrays an itinerant cynic who had little use for the religious establishment," Saturday, January 11, 1992 (full page M9).

3.     The Chicago Tribune

Dennis Polkow, "Seeking Jesus: Glimpsing the historical figure across the millenniums has been a controversial goal of DePaul's John Dominic Crossan," Tuesday, January 21, 1992 (lead article in the"Tempo" section, pages 1 & 5).

4.    The Philadelphia Inquirer

John Reumann, "Jesus, through scholars' eyes," The Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday, March 15, 1992.

5.     The News Sentinel

James E. Davis (Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel), "Depiction of Jesus: Is it gospel?, News Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN, Friday, April 10, 1992.

6.     The New York Times

Peter Steinfels, "BELIEFS. Reconciling the historical Jesus with the living Jesus of Christians' faith," Saturday, April 11, 1992, page 9.

7.     The Boston Sunday Herald

Kathryn Marchocki, "Former Priest argues against the Resurrection," Boston Sunday Herald, Sunday, April 12, 1992, on page 24.

8.     The Marin Independent Journal

Rebecca Larsen, "Punching holes in miracles," The Marin Independent Journal, San Rafael, CA, (Palm) Sunday, April 12, 1992, under "Books" on page D4.

9.     The San Francisco Chronicle

Don Lettin, "Authors Say Resurrection Didn't Happen. Books Present New Views of Jesus," (Good) Friday, April 17, 1992, on front page & page A8.

10.    Chicago Suburban Press Publications

Dennis Polkow, "The Jesus of history, the Christ of Faith. Separating one from the other stirs up storm of controversy, "(Good) Friday, April 17, 1992, in Chicago Suburban Press Publications (The Addison Press, Bensenville Press, The Elmhurst Press, The Lombard Spectator, The Press, The Villa Park Argus, Wood Dale Press), lead story in Section 2, "Family Living," pages 1 & 2.

11.    The Spokesman-Review & Spokane Chronicle

Paul Turner, "Unconventional Views about Jesus. New interpretations raise eyebrows, ire in religious circles," (Easter) Sunday, April 19, 1992, on front page F1 of "Empire Life" section & F4).

12.    The Palm Beach Post

Lois Kaplan, "Images of Jesus. Did he have dark skin or light? Blue eyes or brown? Through the ages, authors and artists have created differing pictures of Christ," The Palm Beach Post, West Palm Beach, FL, (Easter) Sunday, April 19, 1992, on front page 1F of "Accent" section and 7F.

13.    The Woodland Hills Daily News

Robert Lowman, "'The Historical Jesus,' an honest portrait." The Woodland Hills Daily News (Antelope Valley Edition), Los Angeles, Ca, Sunday, April 19, 1992, in L.A Life section, page 10.

14.    The Christian Science Monitor

William H. Willimon, "The Search Continues for the Historical Jesus," The Christian Science Monitor, Tuesday, April 21, 1992.

15.    The Grand Rapids Press

Ed Golder, "Seeking Proof of Faith," Grand Rapids Press, MI, Saturday, April 25, 1992.

16.    The Opelika-Auburn News

Bob Sanders, "Shedding new light and thoughts on Christ," The Opelika-Auburn News, Opelika, AL, Sunday, April 26.

17.    The Contra Costa Times

Diane Wedington, "Author's historical survey depicts Jesus as peasant and revolutionary," The Contra Costa Times, Contra Costa, CA, Sunday, May 3, 1992.

18.    The Boston Sunday Globe

John Dominic Crossan, "Why we must seek the historical Jesus: His message goes beyond the Gospels," The Boston Sunday Globe, Focus section [Religion and History], Sunday, July 26, 1992, on page 59.

19.    The Milwaukee Sentinel

Mary Beth Murphy, "Theologians challenged to discern real Christ," The Milwaukee Sentinel, Religion news, Saturday, February 13, 1993. Page 9A.

20.    The Topeka Capital-Journal

Bill Blankenship, "A question of faith," The Topeka Capital-Journal, Saturday, October 9, 1993. Section B, Page 1 (Religion).

21.    The New York Times, Book Review

Leslie Houlden (professor of theology, King's College, London), "No Superstar: This life of Christ sees him not as an apocalypytic prophet but as a peasant with a vision," The New York Times, Book Review section, Sunday, December 26, 1993.

22.    Chicago Sunday Sun-Times

Andrew Herrmann, "BIBLE BATTLE. Clerics Burn over Bible Revisionism: Ministers in N.W. Indiana Protest Scholar's New Testament Challenge." Chicago Sunday Sun-Times, December 26, 1993, Page 13.

23.    The Huntsville Times

Betty Neff, "No angel, no Magi: Scholar says the historical life of Jesus differs greatly from the biblical account," The Huntsville Times, Sunday, February 20, 1994, page H6.

24.    Los Angeles Times

Mary Rourke, "Cross Examination," Los Angeles Times, View section, pages E1 & E5, Thursday, 24 February, 1944.

25.    San Francisco Weekly

Douglas Lowney, "Jesus: Rebel with a Cause," SF Weekly, Wednesday, March 2, 1994, Pages 11-14, & cover picture entitled "The Battle for Jesus."

26.    The Toronto Star

Michael McAteer, "Jesus: God or dangerous revolutionary?" The Toronto Star, Saturday, March 5, 1994, page K14.

27.    Bannett Suburban Newspapers, Los Angeles, CA

Mary Rourke, "What does Jesus mean to you," Bannett Suburban Newspapers, Los Angeles, CA, "Lifestyles" section, Thursday, March 10, 1994, pages 1C &2c.

28.    San Jose Mercury News

Richard Scheinin, "Re-visioning Jesus," San Jose Mercury News, CA, "Living: Religion & Ethics" section, Saturday, March 12, 1994, pages 1C & 11C.

29.    The Indianapolis News

Judith Cebula, "The Jesus Controversy," The Indianapolis News, Friday, April 1, 1994, pages A1 (front page) & A2.

30.    Calgary Herald

Gordon Legge, "Scholars seek truth behind Jesus's life" & "In search of Jesus Christ," Calgary Herald, Canada, Saturday, April 2, 1994, pages A1 & A10-12.

31.    Sunday Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune Magazine, Sunday, July 17, 1994. On cover: Picture of large statue of Jesus as the Sacred Heart above smaller bust of Crossan with "Searching for Jesus: Can this man change what Christians believe? (John Dominic Crossan of De Paul University)." On pages 8-15, Jeff Lyon, "Gospel Truth. Will Christians accept a revolutionary portrait of Jesus that is based on scholarship, not faith?"

32.    Daily Times (Ottawa, IL)

Darrell Hassler, "Seeing Jesus as a 'social revolutionary,'" The Daily Times, Ottawa, IL, Friday, August 19, 1994. Pages 9 & 12.

33.    National Catholic Reporter

Dawn Gibeau, "Color coding, by vote, what Jesus said," National Catholic Reporter, August 26, 1994, Cover & pages 6-7.

34.    Lancaster Sunday News

Gil Smart, "New Testament prof doesn't go by the book." Sunday News, Lancaster, PA, October 23, 1994, Cover & A4.

35.    Chicago Tribune

Jeff Lyon, "The Jesus case," For Starters Section, Chicago Tribune Magazine, Sunday, February 5, 1995.

36.    Detroit Free Press

David Crum, “Searching for the Gospel Truth,” Detroit Free Press, Sunday, March 26, 1995, Section F, pages 1 & 6.

37.    Duluth News-Tribune

Susan Hogan, “The Controversial Theologian,” Duluth News-Tribune, Thursday, April 6, 1995, pages 1 & 2.

Thomas Farrell, “‘Gospel truth’ may not be so gospel, book suggests,” Duluth News-Tribune, Sunday, April 9, 1995, section 7E, page 1.

38.    The Toronto Star

Michael McAteer, “Doubting Thomases,” The Toronto Star, Saturday, April 8, 1995, pages not known. See also “Correction,” Saturday, April 29, 1995.

39.    Los Angeles Times

Larry B. Stammer, “Good Friday Renews Focus on Roots of Anti-Semitism,” Los AngelesTimes, Friday, April 14, pages 1 & 20.

40.    Santa Cruz County Sentinel

Peggy R. Townsend, “The Faces of Jesus,” Santa Cruz County Sentinel, Sunday, April 16, 1995, Section C, pages 1 & 3.

41.    National Catholic Reporter

Marianne Sawicki, “Crossan’s view of Jesus’ death is jarring and may be healing,” National Catholic Reporter, July 14, 1995,page 12.

42.    The Pantagraph

Mary Ann Fergus, "Scholar refutes Jesus stories," The Pantagraph, Bloomington, IL, Sunday, August 27, 1995, A1 & back page.

43.    St. Petersburgh Times

Mike Wilson, "Scholars seek truth about Jesus," St. Petersburgh Times, Saturday, Decem-ber 23, 1995.

44.    Sunday Chicago Tribune

Jeff Lyon, "Update '95 ... A look back at our cover stories ... Searching for Jesus: John Dominic Crossan is still looking for the real Jesus." Sunday Chicago Tribune, Magazine section, Chicago, IL, Sunday, December 24, 1995, page 2.

44.    Indianapolis Star

Judith Cebula, "'Who Killed Jesus?' is focus of forum." Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN, Tuesday, March 26, 1996, pages 1 & 5.

46.    South Bend Tribune

Frank Ramirez, "Theologian says killing of Jesus not so simple." South Bend Tribune, South Bend, IN, Friday, April 5, 1996, Section D (Faith), pages D1 & D2.

47.    Washington Post, DC

Bill Broadway, "What Really Happened to Jesus?" Metro: Religion, Washington Post, Washington, DC, Saturday, April 6, 1996, page B7.

48.    Ottawa Citizen

Douglas Todd, "The Jesus Debate," Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa, Canada, Sunday, April 7, 1996, Pages A1-A2.

49.    Toronto Globe and Mail

Martin Levin, “Search for historical Jesus looses a tiger in the temple.” Globe and Mail, Toronto, ON, Saturday, 13 April 13, 1996,

50.    Daily Bulletin

Robert Monroe, "Resurrection Revisited," Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, Ontario, CA, Sunday, April 28, 1966, Life Section, pages A13 & A16.

51.    The Gainesville Sun

Bob Arndorfer, “Searching for Jesus: Researcher offers a differnent view of faith,” The Gainesville Sun, Gainesville, FL, Easter Sunday, March 30, 1997, pages 1A & 8A.

52.    The Ledger

Cary McMullen, “F[lorida]S[outhern]C[ollege] Symposium Focus is Inquiry into Jesus’ Words, Deeds,” The Ledger, Lakeland, FL, Friday, January 23, 1998.

53.    The Detroit News and Free Press

David Crumm, “Books, documentary cast new light on Jesus,” The Detroit News & Free Press, pages 1 & 9, Saturday, April 4, 1998.

54.    The Tampa Tribune

Michelle Bearden, “Television series, book present provocative versions of Jesus’ life,” The Tampa Tribune, Saturday, April 4, 1998.

55.    The Washington Post

Bill Broadway, “Looking Anew at Jesus and early Christianity,” Washington Post, Saturday, April 4, 1998.

56.    Los Angeles Times

Mary Rourke, “In the Spirit: Revisiting Jesus’ Times,” Los Angeles Times, Life & Style Section, page E1, Sunday, April 5, 1998.

57.    Le Journal du Dimanche

Gilles Delafon, “Du nouveau sur ‘l’affaire Jésus.’” Le Journal du Dimanche, Paris, back-page (p. 32), Sunday, April 5, 1998.

58.    The Orlando Sentinel

Carol McGraw (from Orange County Register, CA), “Scholars question Jews’ role in the crucifixion,” The Orlando Sentinel, Living Section, pages D1 & D7, Saturday, April 11, 1998.

59.    The Toronto Globe and Mail

T. F. Rigelhof, “Jesus and Christianity: interlocking puzzles,” The Toronto Globe and Mail, Saturday, April 11, 1998.

60.    Santa Fe, NM

William MacNeil, “Studying the Historical Jesus: Between resurrection and conversion,”Santa Fe, NM, Sunday, April 12, 1998.

61.    San Francisco Chronicle

Don Lattin, “Looking for Jesus,” San Francisco Chronicle, Book Review, pp. 1 & 8, Sunday, April 12, 1998.

62.    The Boston Globe

Richard Higgins, “Book Review: Reconstructing Christianity at its start,” The Boston Globe, Saturday, May 2, 1998.

63.    The Star-Ledger

Tom DePoto, “Book Review: The Birth of Christianity.” The Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ, Sunday, May 3, 1998.

64.    St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Steven W. Lawler, “Christian scholar uses few secular tools, “ St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sunday, May 31, 1998.

65.    Colorado Springs Gazette

Victor Greto, “Resurrecting Jesus: Search for the Gospel truth examines facts and faith,” Colorado Springs Gazette, “Lifestyle: Religion,” pp. 1 & 3, Saturday, May 23, 1998.

66.    Tampa Tribune

Ronnie Blair, “Book examines early days of Christianity,” Tampa Tribune, Saturday, June 13, 1998.

67.    Los Angeles Times

Robert L. Wilken, “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” Los Angeles Times, Sunday, September 6, 1998.

68.    Christian Science Monitor

David K. Nartonis, “Divining Currents In the Origin of Christianity,” Christian Science Monitor, Thursday, August 20, 1998.

69.    Trenton Times

A. K. M. Adam, “Between Calvary and Damascus: First-generation Christians,” Trenton Times, Trenton, NJ, Sunday, August 16, 1998.

70.    The Beacon News

Marcia Z. Nelson, “Authority on Jesus to bring theological challenge to Aurora,” The Beacon News, Aurora, IL, “Your Life” Section F, pages 1 & 6, Friday, October 31, 1998.

71.    The Orlando Sentinel

Mark I. Pinsky, “Scholars take a new look at the Good Book,” The Orlando Sentinel, pages D1 &D7, Saturday, November 21, 1998.

72.    Pittsburg Morning Sun

Trish Hollenbeck, “Reconstructing the life of Christ,” Pittsburg (KS) Morning Star, Monday, November 2, 1998.

73.    Bethany Tribune

Virgina Sink, “Books for Oklahomans: Christmas more than Materialism,” BethanyTribune (Oklahoma City Metro Area), Thursday, November 5, 1998.

74.    St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Mary Jane Henderson, “Crunching the numbers on this year’s notable books,” St. LouisPost-Dispatch, Sunday, November 29, 1998.

75.    The Orlando Sentinel

Mark I. Pinsky, “What really went on when Jesus arrived?,” The Orlando Sentinel, page A4, Thursday, December 24, 1998.

76.    The Muskegon Chronicle

Clayton Hardiman, “Questioning the Faith,” The Muskegon Chronicle, Friday, January 29, 1999, D1 & D3; “Jesus Scholar shares thoughts,” The Muskegon Chronicle, Sunday, January 21, 1999, A1 & A2.

77.    The Grand Rapids Press

Charles Honey, “Controversial theologian brings his ideas to local church,” The GrandRapids Press, Saturday, February 13, 1999, B1 & B2.

78.    Colorado Springs Gazette

Victor Greto, “Interpreting the Resurrection: For some Christians, faith in the risen Christ is a question of believing, not seeing,” Colorado Springs Gazette, “Lifestyle: Today, Religion Saturday, April 3, 1999, Life 1 & 3.

79.    Atlanta Journal Constitution

John Blake, “Message of Rebirth,” Atlanta Journal Constitution, Saturday, April 3, 1999.

80.    The Orando Sentinel

Mark I. Pinsky, “Rebel theologian,” The Orlando Sentinel, Living: Religion,” Saturday, April 24, 1999, E1 & 6.

81.    Calgary Herald

Gordon Legge, "John Dominic Crossan: Look for meaning behind parables, theologian urges,” Calgary Herald: Religion & Spirituality, Saturday, June 12, 1999, page OS9.

82.    The Globe and Mail

Stephanie Nolen, “Selling Jesus to the disenchanted: Gospel Truth?” The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada, Saturday, June 26, C17.

83.    The Charlotte Observer

Ed Williams, “Justice is faith community’s common ground,” The Charlotte Observer, Perspective C4, Sunday, November 14, 1999.

84.    The Daytona Beach Sunday News-Journal

Carol B. Cole, “Visions: A Look toward the Next Millennium,” Supplement to the Daytona Beach Sunday News-Journal, pp. 3H & 9H, Sunday, November, 1999.

85.    The Des Moines Register

Stephen Buttry, “Gospel messages get lost in search for literal truth,” The Des Moines Register, Saturday, February 5, 2000.

86.    The Muskegan Sunday Chronicle

Clayton Hardiman, “Nearly 300 ‘eavesdrop’ on debate about historical Jesus,” The Muskegan Sunday Chronicle (Tri-Cities Edition), Sunday, March 19, 2000.

87.    The Orlando Sentinel

Jim Abbott, “Great Crusade,” The Orlando Sentinel, pp. F1 & F5, Sunday, June 18, 2000.

88.    The Oregonian

Nancy Haught, “Soul-searching,” The Oregonian, pp. B1 & B3 (Living section), Wednesday, September 13, 2000.

89.    Florida Today

Rita Elkins, “Who Is Jesus?” Part 1 of 2. Florida Today, pp. 1D & 6D, Saturday, September 14, 2000; “Believers Split on Historical Jesus.” Part 2 of 2. Florida Today, pp. 1D & 5D, Sunday, September 15, 2000.

90.    Asheville Citizen-Times

Dale Neal, “Biblical scholar to teach, preach in Asheville,” Asheville Citizen-Times (Living), Asheville, NC, Saturday, November 25, 2000; “Scholar preaches message of love, justice on first Sunday of Advent,” Asheville Citizen-Times (Mountains), Monday, December 4, 2000.

91.    Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Deborah Deasy, “Controversial theologian to lead workshops,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh, PA, Friday, February 9, 2001.

92.    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Ann Rodgers-Melnick, “Popular biblical scholar to speak in Squirrel Hill,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA, Friday, February 9, 2001.

93.    Eugene Register-Guard

Faris Cassell, “Author preaches appreciation for the real Jesus,” Eugene Register-Guard, Arts & Books, pp. 1B & 5B, Eugene, OR, Sunday, February 18, 2001.

94.    Detroit Free Press

David Crum, “Resurrecting Jesus’ Image,” Detroit Free Press, 1A & 8A, Thursday, April 12, 2001.

95.    Charlotte Observer

Tim Funk, “Cure terrorism with justice, scholar says,” Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, NC. Monday, October 29, 2001.

96.    St. Augustine Record

Andrew Kenneth Gay, “Scholar Crossan visits Flagler College,” The St. Augustine Record, 1C-2C. St. Augustine, FL. Friday, March 22, 2002. “Crossan Engages, but also Enrages Flagler Students.” The St. Augustine Record, 2C. St. Augustine, FL. Sunday, March 24, 2002.

97.    Beeld

Neels Jackson, “Die man met Bybel-ore,” Beeld, p. 13, Johannesburg, South Africa, Wednesday, April 17, 2002.

98.    The Natal Witness

Stephan Coan, “A different angle on Jesus,” The Natal Witness, p. 15, Durban, South Africa, Thursday, April 25, 2002.

99.    Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Robert Neralich, “Archaeology, texts both explain Jesus in context,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Little Rock, AR, Saturday March 30, 2002.

100.   Naples News

Jennifer L. Grant, “Centerpiece: In Search of Jesus,” Naples News, Naples, Fl, Saturday, April 5, 2003.

101.   Detroit Free Press

David Crumm, “Critics say Gibson film mimics a hateful book,” Detroit Free Press, Thursday, February 19, 2004.

102.   Enterprise-Record, Chico, CA

Larry Mitchell, “‘Passion of the Christ’ film draws mixed reviews from religious leaders,” Enterprise-Record, Chico, CA,Thursday, February 19, 2004.

103.   Orlando Sentinel

John Dominic Crossan, “The ‘sin’ of ‘Passion." Orlando Sentinel, Insight section. Sunday, February 22, 2004, G1 & G4.

104.   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

John Blake, “Examining Jesus' death. Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of the Christ' raises anew the question of who was responsible,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Features D1, Atlanta, GA, Monday, February 23, 2004.

105.   Baltimore Sun

Frank Langfitt, “Issues of Faith and History.” Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, MD, Saturday, February 28, 2004.

106.   Lawrence Journal-World, Lawrence, KS

Jim Baker, “Biblical Scholar criticizes ‘Passion,’” Lawrence Journal-World, Lawrence, KS, Sunday, February 29, 2004.

107.   The Hamilton Spectator, Toronto, Canada

Sharon Boase, “Passion movie’s theology is obscene, says Jesus scholar,” The Hamilton Spectator, Toronto, Canada, Monday, March 15, 2004.

108.   The Toronto Star, Toronto, Canada

Ron Csillag, “Christian scholar questions Gibson’s depiction of Jesus.” The Toronto Star, Saturday, April 10, 2004.

109.   Lawrence Journal-World, Lawrence, KS

Jim Baker, “Biblical scholar visits area as Theologian in Residence,” Lawrence Journal-World, Lawrence, KS, Monday, April 19, 2004.

110.   The Capital Times, Madison, WI

Phil Haslanger, “Author stresses 4 different Gospels,” The Capital Times, Madison, WI, April 20, 2004.

111.   The Boston Globe

Rush Barlow, “Putting Iraq into biblical perspective,” The Boston Globe, Saturday, May 22, 2004.

112.   The Advocate , Baton Rouge, LA

Relma Hargus, “Scholar: God is just.” The Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA, Saturday, May 22, 2004.

113.   Topeka Capital-Journal

Phil Anderson, “Crossan tracks biblical history,” Topeka Capital-Journal, Topeka, KS, Saturday, May 29, 2004.

114.   The Oregonian

Nancy Haught, “Striking Back at the Empires: A scholar sees lessons for America in Apostle Paul’s challenge to Rome,” Living section E1 & E8, The Oregonian, Portland, OR, Friday, December 3, 2004. Distributed by Newhouse & RNS.

115.   The Orlando Sentinel

Mark I. Pinsky, “What would Paul say?” Life & Times F1 & F3, The Orlando Sentinel, Sunday, December 19, 2004.

116.   Journal Star, Lincoln, NE

Bob Reeves, “Who Was Jesus?: Visiting scholar sees Christ as a revolutionary.” Journal Star, Lincoln, NE, Section Con Values: Religion & Spirituality, pp. 1 & 4. Saturday, March 26, 2005.

117.   New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal, Fredericton, NB. Canada

Nina Chiarelli, "Who Was Jesus? Fredericton church plans three-day seminar next weekend,”New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal, Fredericton, NB. Canada, B10, Friday, April 22, 2005.

118.   Birmingham News, AL

Greg Garrison, “In Search of Paul. Theologian talks about his research into apostle’s life.” The Birmingham News. Religion 1H & 4H, Friday, May 6, 2005.

[=Greg Garrison, “Scholars chronicle Paul’s lasting impact,” Biblical Recorder: NC Baptist News, Tuesday, June 7, 2005 (Religion News Service]

119.   Baton Rouge Advocate, LA

Relma Hargus, “Author: Look at Jesus in light of first century,” Baton Rouge Advocate, Living Values, Section F1, Saturday, September 24, 2005.

120.   Rochester Post-Bulletin, MN

Paul Scott, “Jesus scholar brings food for new thought,” Post-Bulletin, Rochester, MN, Tuesday, October 4, 2005.

121.   Morning News, Dallas, TX

Sam Hodges, “’Christianity was high treason: Q&A with John Dominic Crossan.” The Dallas Morning News. Religion, Spirituality, & Values. 1H. Saturday, October 22, 2005.

122.   Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, MS

Cori Bolger, “Controversial Jesus scholar to speak.” Religion 1D-2D, Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, MS, Saturday, October 22, 2005.

123.   Atlanta Journal-Constitution

John Blake, “Rethinking Paul,” Atlanta Journal Constitution, Faith & Values F2-F3, Saturday, October 29, 2005.

124.   Wisconsin State Journal

Jay Rath, “Vetting the Jesus Parable,” Wisconsin State Journal, Daybreak C1 & C8, Madison, WI, Saturday, February 25, 2006.

125.   The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier

Karris Goldeen, "Author to discuss Jesus' life, relation to politics in Roman times." The Courier, Waterloo- Cedar Falls, Iowa, page A8, Friday, September 29, 2006.

Karen Heinselman, "Weekend explores history of Jesus, religion's future." The Courier, Waterloo-Cedar Falls, Iowa, page A7, Friday, October 6, 2006.

126.   Orlando Sentinel

Mark Pinsky, “New theories unlikely to influence believers,” Orlando Sentinel, A3, (Easter) Sunday, April 8, 2007.

127.   Grand Rapids Press, MI

Keith Essenburg, “Author points to God’s contrasts,” Grand Rapids Press, Saturday, February 2, 2008.

128.   The Age, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Barney Zwartz, "Disturbing the Faith," The Age (Melbourne Life, page 20), Monday, September 6, 2010.

129.   The Advocate , Baton Rouge, LA

"Author's talk eyes parables and Jesus: Crossan to speak at Unitarian Church." The Advocate, Saturday Edition, 2D&8D, March 17, 2012.

130.  Santa Barbara News-Press, CA

Dave Mason, “‘Our Father …’ Biblical scholar explores original meaning of the ‘Lord’s Prayer.’” Santa Barbara News-Press, Page D6: Faith & Values. Saturday, February 25, 2013.


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