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1.   The Christian Century

Cover of Vol. 108, No. 37, the Christmas issue of The Christian Century, December 18-15, 1991 announced"A Jewish Peasant: John Dominic Crossan on the Historical Jesus." The issue contained both a "summary" of the book by Crossan, "The Life of a Mediterranean Peasant" on pages 1194-1200, and "The Historical Jesus: An interview with John Dominic Crossan" on pages 1200-1204.

2.    America

John P. Meier, America. 166:8 (March 7, 1992), pages 198-199.

3.    Commonweal

Luke Timothy Johnson, "A marginal Mediterranean Jewish peasant," Commonweal, 24 April 1992.

4.    The Christian Century

David L. Bartlett, "The Historical Jesus and the Christ of Faith," The Christian Century 109:16 (6 May 1992) 489-493.

5.    Times Literary Supplement

J. Leslie Houlden, "Jesus before faith: Portrait of a peasant Jewish Cynic?" Times Literary Supplement, September 25, 1992. Page 27.

6.    Utne Reader

Danny Duncan Collum, "Who Was This Man Jesus. New research offers a compelling portrait of Yeshu of Nazareth." Utne Reader: The Best of the Alternative Press. No. 54, Nov./Dec. 1992. Pages 38-43.

7.    Publishers Weekly

William Griffin, "Viewing Jesus," & "The Jesus Factor," Publishers Weekly, April 13, 1992, Page 25, & November 9, 1992, Page 45.

8.    Mundo 21

José Alfonso Nin≈o, "¿Quien fue realmente Jesus ... un Judio Marginal ...o un Idealista Revolucionario?" Mundo 21,4/4 (1993) 84-90.

9.    The Christian Century

"The Challenge of Christmas: Two View" in the Christmas issue, December 15, 1993, cover & pages 1270-1280. "He comes as One Unknown" by Beverly R. Gaventa, & "A Tale of Two Gods" by John Dominic Crossan ("adapted from the first chapter of Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography"), with mutual responses following.

10.   Time

Richard N. Ostling, "Jesus Christ, Plain and Simple," Time magazine, January 10, 1994, pages 38-39.

11.   Christianity and the Arts

Marci Whitney-Schenck, "The Historical Face of Jesus," 1/1, Winter 1944, pages 8-9.

12.   Newsweek

Russell Watson, "A Lesser Child of God," Newsweek magazine, April 4, 1994, pages 53-54.

13.   Publishers Weekly

Starred review ["books of special interest and merit"] of Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography, Publishers Weekly, December 13, 1993, page 32; personal profile, Publishers Weekly, February 14, 1993, page 49.

14.   GQ

Russell Shorto, "Cross Fire," GQ, June 1994, Pp.116-123.

15.   L'actualité

Stéphane Baillargeon, "Interview: A`~ la recherche du vrai Jésus." L'actualité, 20/1, January 1995, title in band across top of front cover & pp. 12-14.

16.   Le Point, France

Christian Makarian, “Une nouvelle facon de lire la Bible,” Le Point, No. 1177, April 8, 1995, pages 30-44.

17.   Veja, Brazil

Roberto Pompeu de Toledo, Cover Picture & “Especial” article. Frontcover: picture of Jesus’ body after deposition with caption, “Quem Matou Jesus? O que dizem os últimos estudios.” Inside article on pages 66-79: “A Morte de Jesus.” Veja (Ano 28, No. 15), April 12, 1995.

18.   Tikkun

Claudia Setzer, "The Historical Jesus," Tikkun. A Bimonthly Jewish Critique of Politics, Culture & Society. 10.4, pages 73-77 [on entire current debate].

19.   Time

Cover (Jesus) on "The Search for Jesus: Some scholars are debunking the Gospels. Now traditionalists are fighting back. What are Christians to believe?" Inside article on pages 52-59 by David Van Biema, "The Gospel Truth?" (reported by Richard N. Ostling & Lisa H. Towle) Time, Vol. 147, No. 15, April 8, 1996 [on entire current debate].

20.   Newsweek

Cover (Jesus) on "Rethinking the Resurrection. A New Debate about the Risen Christ." Inside article on pages 60-70 by Kenneth L. Woodward, "Rethinking the Resurrection, " Newsweek, April 8, 1996 [on entire current debate].

21.   U. S. News & World Report

Cover (Jesus) on "In Search of Jesus. Who was he? New appraisals of his life and its meaning." Inside article on pages 46-53 by Jeffery L. Sheler with Mike Tharp & Jill Jordan Seider, "In Search of Jesus. Some scholars seek answers in history and redefine the meaning of his life and deeds," U. S. News & World Report, April 8, 1996 [on entire current debate].

22.   Publishers Weekly

Henry Carrigan, “Scholars Search for the Historical Jesus.” Publishers Weekly, May 13, 1996, pages 36-37, December 13, 1993 [on entire current debate].

23.   Publishers Weekly

Starred review [“books of special interest and merit"] of The Birth of Christianity, Publishers Weekly, pages 63-64, March 9, 1998.

24.   Publishers Weekly

Lynn Garrett, “Search for Jesus on TV,” Publishers Weekly, page 28, April 13, 1998.

25.   America

Carolyn Osiek, America (November 14, 1998), pages 23-24.

26.   U. S. News & World Report

Cover (Jesus) on "Why Jesus Was Killed: Scholars find new clues about the Crucifixion.” Inside article on pages 50-55 by Jeffery L. Sheler. “Why Did He Die? Jesus put the kingdom of God against Caesar. And that act led to a political execution that launched a major world religion.” U. S. News & World Report, April 24, 2000.

27.   Bible Review

Hershel Shanks, “Dom Crossan: The Bad Boy of Historical Jesus Studies.” (Review of A Long Way from Tipperary: A Memoir) Bible Review 16 (Oct 2000) 24-28 & 50.

28.   People

Cover: “Inside Mel’s Passion: His film about Jesus stirs faith and outrage.” Inside: “The Gospel of Mel,” pp. 82-88 (quotes on pp. 84,86).


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