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January 13-15 A January Adventure in Emerging Christianity
Strickland Auditorium
Epworth-by-the-Sea, St. Simons Island, GA
Contact: Buzzy Pickren (buzpic@comcast.net)

February 17-18 Good Shepherd United Church of Christ
Sahuarita, AZ
Contact: Ed Hunt (edhunt11@hotmail.com)
February 24-26 Naples United Church of Christ, Naples, FL
Contact: Heather J. English (english.heather@gmail.com)
March 3-5 University Congregational United Church of Christ
Seattle, WA
Contact: Betty Spieth-Croll (lectureseries@universityucc.org)
March 11-13 Kingston Congregational Church, Kingston, RI
Contact: Enrico Garzilli (r_garzilli@cox.net)
March 24-26 First Congregational Church of Winter Park, FL
Contact: Shawn S. Garvey (407-647-2416)
June 26-30 Christian Century Magazine Forum with
Wisconsin Council of Churches
Washington Island, Door County, WI
Contact: Lori Denoyer (wcoc@wichurches.org)
September 22-24 Carl Lecture Series
First United Methodist Church, Schenectady, NY
Contact: James Sprenger (jrsprng@gmail.com)
October 20-22 Wesley-Knox United Church
London, Ontario, Canada
Contact: Harry MacLean (macve3gro@rogers.com)
November 9-12 Awakening Soul Gathering
Lutheridge Conference Center, Arden, NC
Contact: Ann Holtz (annawakening@gmail.com) 865-414-8509

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